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What Goes into Pricing up a Conservatory Project

Are you eager to add a conservatory to your existing home? Not only can these units provide an amazing sense of peace and tranquillity, but they inevitably add value to the property itself. It is still a good idea to appreciate what is taken into account when determining the cost of an installation project.

General Cost Guidelines

Let us first remember that conservatories are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Still, most experts agree that you should budget approximately £2,500 pounds per square metre of space. The majority of conservatories in Sheffield will, therefore, cost between £15,000 and £20,000 pounds. This can represent your base budget.

Different Types of Materials

There are a host of different construction materials which can be used when building your conservatory and some offer more savings than others. Substances such as uPVC are generally much cheaper when compared to mid-range options including aluminium or stainless steel. Assuming that you have set a high budget, wood and stone could be chosen. However, expect to pay anywhere between £25,000 to £40,000 pounds for these materials.

The Construction Process: Breaking Down the Costs

It is also important to address a handful of common expenses when estimating the overall cost of a conservatory. Some examples include:

Constructing the frame

Door and window installations

Weatherproofing and painting

Laying the foundation and initial brickwork

The potential need for planning permission

Of course, additional items might need to be included within this list (depending upon the type of conservatory as well as any other amenities that might be included within its overall design).

Don Valley Windows is able to provide a wide range of conservatory options and there is no doubt that you will encounter the correct style when working with our team of specialists. Please feel free to contact one of our representatives in order to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience.

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